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It's Liwia and Joki here, lovers of life on the trail of adventure. Digital nomads. A programmer keen on new technologies and an illustrator inspired by the phenomena of nature. We share entries devoted to the most remarkable routes we've traveled, reports of completed expeditions as well as practical tips.

When travelling, we contribute into building a positive world by participating in social actions, volunteering and sharing information about important matters.

We write, photograph and edit films to inspire you to travel far and near, across continents and into yourself.

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The epic journey in pictures

"The Transcontimental Motorcycle Journey across Americas" was Kolosy Award Nominee in "Travel" category in Poland, 2019.

It's over 2 years on the road, 85 000 km travelled on motorbike through 17 countries. Awe inspiring landscapes, unique in different climatic zones and the most winding roads of the high mountain passes as well as the desert outbacks. We're glad to share it with you through our video coverage.

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Video Making Kids Child Jumping Ecuador Guatemala Indians Quote Symbol Liwia Klich and Sebastian Mazur, setting out on a two-year journey through both Americas, showed not only great courage, but also unprecedented sensitivity. In their travels, they focused on discovering the other person, learning about the cultures and traditions of the visited places, but also on reaching out to the matters important from the point of view of humanity. Thanks to their beautiful films and descriptions, readers had the opportunity to get to know places visited by the travelers almost from the inside, to experience things that are not to be found in other publications. Noteworthy is the empathy of young travelers, who often helped residents of the visited countries, helping in the construction of houses or doing small works. Rafał Betnarski
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Modeka Magazyn Modeka Adv Magazyn Modeka Polska Fb Post Quote Symbol For over 2 years, with a smile and a touch of jealousy, we followed Liwia's and Sebastian's adventure on many channels (social media, press, internet). We've been waiting impatiently for every new post or sensational photos. The LifeWeLove team showed that nothing is impossible and the only limits are those that we have in mind. We are glad that we could support such an ambitious project. We will help in implementation of their next expeditions without thinking. Thank you! Marcin Lach
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Motocykl Magazine Motocykl Magazine Motocykl Magazine Motocykl Magazine Quote Symbol Thanks to the reports sent by Liwia and Sebastian, we could systematically take readers of the MOTOCYKL magazine to the places they visited. And also quite effectively arouse in them the desire to travel, explore the world and give a new dimension to the motorcycle adventure. Overcoming such a colossal route by motorbike is undoubtedly a great, estimable feat, and how Liwia and Sebastian experienced their journey and how beautifully they can talk about it - a twinge of envy and admiration. Jacek Ociepko
Editor in Chief
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