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Hello! We're pleased to welcome you on digital pages of our travel journals. We are Liwia and Sebastian (vel Joki) and come from the beautiful Sudety Mountains in southern Poland.

Since we've tasted our first journey on our motorcycle into Europe, we can't stop. We keep going further beyond the horizon.

We break out of the safe patterns of the day, pack our house in three little cases and head into the unknown. And this unknown opens new spaces, doors, arms, it opens hearts and eyes... teaches us the world for real.

And we let the adventure carry us, because that's the only way to slow down the time...

We like to slow down enough to see a sunrise over the valley, whales migrating through the Pacific, flight of eagle in Romania, and a misty dragon, which comes out of nowhere. And to have time for the winding road, the longer one, through the mountains. And to be able to talk to people, listen to their stories, laugh and play drums by the fire, while shaking sand from our ragged boots.

And it doesn't have to be far. The point is to set out.

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Authors of the LifeWeLove about each other

Joki i Liwia

A smiling Joker, knight on a steed, digital nomad and garage mechanic in his free time (the more smeary, the happier). He loves technological gizmos, made for me heated grips on the back! Even when riding for grocery shopping, he always finds some castle, amusement park or river to cross on the way. He’s modest and calm, but faithful to his dreams and has a courage to pursue them. He likes riding a motorcycle because it lets him experience a full interaction with the surrounding space. And he rides wisely, so has my permission for kidnapping and taking me to the edge of the world and beyond!

She paints with images and words. Loves creating and the word "boredom" doesn't exist in her vocabulary. She's a dream passenger for motorcycle voyages. Not afraid of the speed and the unknown, Liwia sits on her throne between cases, always with the camera scepter in her hand. Thanks to her, no landscape, sharp turn or strange cloud will be forgotten. She loves fruits, dance, mountains and positive energy. Looks at the world with a big optimism and an open mind. When we travel, she can communicate with everyone, even if it requires drawing on a sand.

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