Travel is our quest. A meeting with the planet and a treasure hunter

Today we are camping in the wild again. In the United States it’s not difficult. We enter a picturesque area, take some side road, and the gravel trail takes to the nooks, where someone once camped before. … More »

National roads 3N and 3S – the essence of the Peruvian adventure

The alpine lands of the Inca descendants, winding, picturesque roads that reach over 4,000 meters high and breathtaking views. Colorful gorges, silver cords of waterfalls falling from Andean peaks and endless curves. Sounds like a dream … More »

The Surreal Lagunas Route in Bolivia

Salvador Dali Desert 150 BOB (approx. 22 USD) per person for an entrance to the Andean Fauna National Reserva Eduardo Avaora and we ride on a sandy road along colorful lagoons and dormant volcanoes. The landscape becomes more and … More »

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