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We’re setting off on a dream motorcycle journey around America!

It is really happening! A few years of dreaming and preparing, months of fighting after Joki's accident to finally embark on a journey in which we and our Dakar "Meteor" set our own course. We don't know for how long and how far. Where the beauty is, where the bike takes us, and as long as good energy drives us. So that we'll fully give ourselves into the adventure, test ourselves in the low-budget moto-tramp, focus on minimalism in the matter and optimization in the moments of "here and now”, meet people from other corners of the world, to get to know their stories, perhaps to become a part of them and pass them on, always sailing ahead on the fuel of inspiration.

Podróż międzykontymentalna

Why the IntercontiMental Journey?

We set out from Europe, the Old Continent into the North America... and on! On the trail of natural wonders and among the people, their small-big worlds, traditions and mentality, meetings in words and gestures. We know from experience that it is not only the places, but above all the people we meet that give much colour to our travels and shape us. Plunging into the new geographical areas, we touch the mental and cultural areas at the same time, for they are their integral part and provide the most fascinating wealth.

Ludziki podróż

Be with us!

Although the whole initiative was born out of our inner need and the greatest passions, we would like this journey to bring some value into the lives of others. The blog allows us to share what we receive on the road and hopefully to inspire. Over the last three years our website helped us to make valuable connections with people from all over the world, who share our passion. We will do our best to keep sharing here new content, images and practical tips, that may contribute to our meeting on the road one day.


We take Poland with us

We decided that when getting to know new cultures we cannot fail to introduce to our own, Polish culture. We designed our own graphic board "Polish in a nutshell" that may be a good starting point ;) For the little ones we will play the role of messengers. From children of the Polish Primary School in Kowary we take a package of letters addressed to their United States peers compatriots, students in schools with the Polish language who nourish their native traditions. We hope that it will initiate an intercultural dialogue and in the future possibly evolve into long-term friendships.


Being happy to be able to give

What really impresses us and what we want to participate in are ideas that have grown on the basis of passion, planted with genuine enthusiasm and desire to give yourself to a good cause. Such initiatives come when we do what we like, we are happy and we feel the power and the need to share this happiness with others, to give something out of the gratitude for the experienced joy and beauty of the world. Therefore we cultivate such a lifestyle and we give much cheer to people like Ron Grace from the USA, the founder of the organization Lost for a Reason. It was during a motorcycle trip through the Navajo Reserve when his motorcycle got broken. The local guard who stopped to help, told him about the problems which the children and families of Navajo tribe face every day. Ron felt he wanted to do something for them and next time he went to the reserve he brought supplies of water and food. Soon, other travelers and bikers joined Ron and their combined forces started to raise funds to rebuild houses and playgrounds and to supply with food the residents of the reserve. Every year they come together to restore the crumbling shelters using the strength of their own muscles. The slogan behind all of that is: "Helping children and families in the places we love to ride!". We love this message and we would happily get involved into action. Colorado and Arizona are definitely in our plans, so we've applied to become volunteers in Navajo. We hope that we will utilize well our skills and energy in Ron’s team!

Big thanks to...

We are not going to spend a fortune, nor we have a flat to rent or any valuable belongings for sale. For 2 years instead of the apartment we've been renting a small room. It allowed us to spare a bit. In view of our long-range plans, the budget is quite modest.

Having all that said, we bow down in gratitude to companies, or rather the people behind the brands, who very strongly have supported us throughout the project by endowing us with professional equipment, which greatly increases our sense of safety and comfort in undertaking the many-months challenge of moto-tramp.

German Modeka gifted us a set of high-quality motorcycle armor - the Stavenger and Dakar Summer Mesh gloves, set of Magellanic and Tacoma Lady with KimLady trousers. Italian Caberg has provided us with safe, comfortable and stylish Drift Tour helmets. Sena made our rides very pleasant with a reliable Sena 20S intercom, and a Prism sports camera allows us to capture all the beautiful routes. Polish manufacturer Brubeck dressed us in necessary thermoactive clothing from Active Wool and Cooler series, which like a second skin will serve us in extremely different temperatures while riding. Cold nights are less scary thanks to ultra-light feather sleeping bags Tenqua 700 and Panjam 600 from our native brand Cumulus. Our entire property will rest safe while riding in the 37-liter trunks and 60-liter bag from Motobagaż.pl. Our "Meteor" - laden as never before - will be carrying us almost every day and we do not know how would it end without changing the suspension. Hearing the reports from other travelers, we conclude that probably unhappily, and so Hans Dieter Fisher truly rescued us by sending the TFX Suspension Technology from Netherlands. 

Our Equipment Sponsors


ModekaSenaCabergCumulusBrubeckTFX SuspensionsMotobagażLogo Planeta MłodychLogo Marselus


Equipment for motorcycle expedition


Hearts iconWe also thank our Parents and Friends, who have supported us in the initiative from the beginning. In fact, it is a very complex process and requires many actions and determination - without your motivation and help it would be much harder! Thanks to Employers, to the Board of Madu SC for the great hearts and a touching attitude in the face of Joki’s accident and struggles.


Thanks to the eminent moto-surgeon Habit from Motorap Service for meticulous tuning of Dakar’s inside. Thanks to Martin Żurek for photo-shoots, expert advice and joint tampering for the motorcycle improvement.

Together with Ikol we shall not die!

Our cooperation with the Polish GPS locators company Ikol also deserves a special attention. We received a system by which we can be tracked on the online map. This will serve us to get help in case of unforeseen problems, it will back up the exact routes we will be reporting on, and, most importantly, calm down a little bit the most caring and stressed Family Members ;)

Partner of the expedition

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  1. Bob B.
    | Reply

    hi5 guys! It’s awesome, I’m following your adventures and look forward to seeing the film about this travel! Ride safe, Bob

  2. `Liwia
    | Reply

    Thanks Bob, it’s been amazing so far, so much happening that we hardly find time (and good WiFi) to upload even 1% of what’ve been experiencing. We really hope to catch up with everything once we stop, we have so much of inspiration to share and the films of course. So please stay tuned :) All the best!

  3. Mark G
    | Reply

    I found your blog just this morning while searching for info on motorcycle intercoms. Such great information. Your tour is truly an exciting story which I intend to follow closely. Be safe in your travels.

    Mark G, in northwest Louisiana, USA

    • Liwia

      Thank you Mark. We are glad you’ve found some useful information on our blog and glad to have a new Reader. The Southeastern USA we hope to visit one day too!

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