» » Frydlant Castle – The Journey through the Chambers of Ages

Frydlant Castle – The Journey through the Chambers of Ages

Visiting the Czech Frydlant Castle is a 2-hour roam through the chambers, ages and history of this town holders. Large portraits of the ruling owners and guide’s tales revive the spirit of the past. All rooms make a huge impression and after an hour of touring the fully furnished rooms, one may think they are about to meet Countess von Redern there, entertaining the activities of games’ parlor. Photomaniacs cannot get over the fact that it is forbidden to take pictures, for it is difficult to remember all the items that have withstood here. Some of them will be long remembered, such as big, like seven-league boots for riding, an arsenal of 1,000 hunting weapons and military, beautifully crafted ovens like the one in the shape of the castle tower, or chair and a chandelier made of stag antlers, looking like from the fantasy movies.

Frydlant Castle which combines the two forms of architecture, the Gothic fortress and Renaissance and baroque palace, is one of the most interesting places to see in the northern part of the Czech Republic. It is just 15 km from the border crossing in Czerniawa-Zdrój, in the town of the same name. The castle was built on a basalt rock in the middle of the thirteenth century, and in the sixteenth century the palace part was built. Its owners and the appearance were changed several times. It was not destroyed by Hussite invasions and remained unconquered until the 30-year war in the seventeenth century, when seized by the Swedes. However, they spared the object. It was even spared during World War II, thus we can now still admire 65 well-equipped rooms inside. In comparison, in the largest Lower Silesia’s castle – which is Książ Castle – visitors can see only a few rooms, most of them empty, or just with the remnants of the original exhibits.

In the beginning of the nineteenth century, the old part of the castle was opened to the public by owners of that time, thus Frýdlant became the first castle museum in Central Europe. Today, visiting the castle is only possible with a guide and it is not a short walk, since it can be a 2 hours wander through the decked halls, filled to the brim with exhibits preserved in remarkably good condition. The interiors you can visit are: palace courtyard, castle courtyard, the castle chapel of St. Anne, Knight’s Hall, the Earl’s and Countess’s rooms, children’s room, representational living and dining room, bathroom, kitchen with the largest Czech collection of copper and tin vessels, and many others, fully equipped rooms with original things.

2015 season ticket cost 210 crowns.


Frydlant Castle - Chateau courtyard
After crossing the gate we enter the courtyard of the palace, whose walls are beautifully decorated with sgraffito technique, popular in the Renaissance.

Frýdlant - courtyard


The walls of the Castle Frýdlant
Sgraffito decoration on the wall in the palace part


Entrance to the Castle Frýdlant

Entrance to the Castle Frýdlant

Entrance to the castle

Entrance to the castle

Entrance to the castle
Entrance to the castle

The old part of the Castle Frýdlant

Courtyard of the Castle Frýdlant

Sgraffito decoration

Window in Frydlant Castle

The view from the Castle Frydlant’ window
The view from the Castle Frydlant’ window

Medieval characters

Frydlant Castle

Renaissance figures


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Map of the route to the Frydlant Castle

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Frydlant Castle: 50.914916, 15.083550
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Frydlant Castle
Zámek Frýdlant, Zámecká, Frýdlant, Czech Republic
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