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The road through the Durmitor, in the land of canyons and mountain landscapes

There are neither any typical alpine switchbacks and hills nor huge amount of sharp bends. You won’t meet there hundreds of motorcyclists, that you could greet with your left up. There aren’t any roadside shops with goodies or souvenirs. But, there is a breathtaking landscape and pleasant road that seems to lead through a different world. The world that is really calm, where you think that in a moment you will meet something or somebody unreal, like those groundhogs in the Milka ads. And then, you meet the human from that place, trying to repair his old lorry track and you really want to help him despite the fact there seems to be unbridgeable gulf  between your languages. You feel this irresistible need to help him anyway. This is how this land works, it disavows your total maturity with its all staff, and like a child you throw yourself into the adventure. You take out the sheets of paper, draw pictures, create the map and you mark the mission aims on it. You set off with great smile on your face…


The instructions and the aims to carry out.
The instructions and the aims to carry out.


About our adventure in Durmitor, you can read in the articles about the expedition in the Balkans. Meanwhile, I would like to invite you for a movie:



The route through the Durmitor National Park is one of the most beautiful that we covered till that time. The views and climates are equal to the picturesque Transfăgărășan road in Romania, that belongs to the most charming and the best motorcycle routes in the world. Unlike it however, in Durmitor, till this time, there isn’t any commercialism that woulddisturb the natural order, peace and quiet. On the road, we saw just one small wooden pub with some benches, which appeared there as if by magical wand. The one that magically appears on the road of the thirsty wanderers and disappears in a while. The profit on the tourists exists, but it comes down to the sale of cheeses made in small cottages, in their language ‘koliba’. The Montenegrin farmers live there in the summer in order to pasture own flock on the mountain meadows and to make delicious ecological dairy. The living conditions aren’t so easy. Uros and Rada, that we met, spent their summer in the one-roomed cottage, without access to electricity and running water, what is hard to believe, because ‘Durmitor’ in Gaelic means ‘The mountains dripping with water’ or ‘The river flowing from the mountain’. Uros, when we met him by the damaged lorry track, was carrying the huge water tank from the town.


The view of the Sedlena Greda peak (2227 meters above the sea level).
Durmitor in Montenegro
‘Koliby’ and Uros’ lorry track.
Small pub close to the road.
Small pub close to the road.
The Bolijska Greda peak
The Bolijska Greda peak in the distance (2091 meters above the sea level)
Sedlo pass
Sedlo pass (1907 meters above the sea level) pic. Martyna Wojtas


It is better go through the Durmitor National Park from the eastern side, because there is an amazing canyon of Tara river, deep for 1300 m in places. It causes that it is the deepest canyon in Europe. Above the canyon, there is Durdevic’s bridge long for 366 meters. From this bridge, you can admire the panorama of river gorge and the adventurers, using the zip line hung along the bridge.

On the western side, there is another picturesque canyon of Piva river. From that place, you can continue the trip making it longer by the road from Pivsko lake to Ostrog monastery.


Durdevic’s bridge
Durdevic’s bridge

Most Durdevica Rzeka Tara

The rafting on the Tara river.
The rafting on the Tara river.
Tara river
The Tara river is the longest river of the Montenegro. Sailing through the narrow and deep valley and through the Dinaric Alps, Tara river creates one of the deepest canyons in the world, which the view makes breathing difficult.


The route through the Durmitor mountains leads through Sedlo pass (1907 meters above the sea level), the road is placed as the highest in Montenegro and incredibly full of beauty spots. Surrounded by calcareous, cragged peaks, among which 48 reach over 2000 m.a.s.l., and 27 over 2000m.a.s.l. Bobotov Kuk is the highest peak in this land (2523m.a.s.l.) which is situated between valleys of Piva river and Tara river. The charm is added also by the shepherds’ ‘koliby’ located somewhere around, on the green meadows and hills, surrounded by flocks of sheep or herds of cows. By the road, there are benches visible from time to time, where you can relax for a while and delight in a beautiful view.


Droga w Durmitorze

Durmitor serpentyny

Droga w Durmitorze

Leo from Durmitor

Durmitor cow

Wakacje w Czarnogórze


The traffic is small, we met there just the local farmers and the flock of sheep going across the road and one Icelandic couple on their motorcycle. The basketball court was a kind of odd view, because it was located on the road. I was wondering, how many time the ball fell down in the gap. In Kotor, we saw one more outstandingly located basketball court. We can only envy the Montenegrins their courts, in such sceneries the play is supposed to gain additional colour.


The basketball court in Durmitor.
The basketball court in Durmitor.
The basketball court in Kotor.
The basketball court in Kotor.

Durmitor owce


Durmitor owce

Durmitor offroad

Durmitor motorem


Without any doubts, the Durmitor mountains are an amazing place in Montenegro which we can truly recommend because of beautiful landscapes and peace and quiet – not disturbed by commercialism or crowd of tourists. If you are looking for mountain oasis of peace and quiet and fantastic route for motorcycle journey – the Durmitor spaces won’t disappoint you for sure!


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The map of Road through the Durmitor

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| km
The bridge on the Tara river: 43.150374, 19.295254
The Durmitor National Park: 43.105620, 19.028406


Info o drodze przez Durmitor:

The route length  70 km
The beginning / The end The Durdevic’s bridge / The Pivsko lake
The road surface
The asphalt of good quality
The threads Narrow winding road, gaps, cliffs, cowpats on the road
The traffic Small
The attractions The canyon of Tara river, The Durdevic’s bridge, caves and springs flowing from the rocks, ecological local dairy
The maximum height
1907 meters above the sea level



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