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Kotor from the hillside of Lovcen – best views of the Adriatic Pearl

Panorama of the Bay of Kotor seen from 1200 m a. s. l. was undoubtedly one of these views that not only took our breath away, but also recalled the spirit of infant enthusiasm. And like children, overjoyed, with big smiles on our faces, we could not get enough of the scenic downhill from the Lovcen National Park to Kotor.Boka Kotorska


Heading from the heart of Lovcen, the peak Jezerski Vrch to Kotor, known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, you enter a beautiful, diverse landscape. More about Lovcen National Park you can read in the article Serpentine road from Budva to Lovcen National Park.


Serpentyny Kotor
17 more hairpin curves to the top :)
Serpentyny Kotor
… and 16 more to drive :)

Park Narodowy Lovcen


After several minutes of drive the pearl gradually emerges. At that moment we were accompanied by low drifting clouds that sometimes unveiled the view of fjord. The further you go, the more beautiful and interesting it gets, more and more sharp turns awaits you and more of Kotor appears in front of your eyes!


Feel free to watch a short video of this extraordinary route:


Info about the route:

Distance 30 km
Start / finish Lovcen National Park (Jezerski Vrch) – Kotor
Surface Good quality asphalt
Hazards Steep descents around tight corners, cliffs, narrow road
Attractions on the way Lovcen National Park
Max altitude 1 400 m a.s.l.


Have a look at the map. Just the view of the route, with its numerous bends and hills probably tempts every motorcyclist. Especially the serpentines on the Krstac pass (926 m a.s.l). The zigzag pattern on the map, a concertina alike, can beautifully play on the imagination of each a biker. :)


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The map of the road from Lovcen to Kotor

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| km
The map of the road from Lovcen to Kotor: 42.407710, 18.795505
Stari Bar: 42.096390, 19.135979
Kotor in Montenegro: 42.424662, 18.771234


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  1. Jamie and Meggy
    | Reply

    wooooah! that’s inspiring! can’t wait to our next year Euro-trip, we are already in the summer trip mood :) Will start from Spain, then France, Italy, the Balkans, including Montenegro and will stop for a longer while in Romania. It will be June / July 2015. Any chance of meeting you somewhere there? Thanks for the map, will be useful for us!

  2. Moos
    | Reply

    Hi Great site, nice pics and movies ! Really like the roadinfo. Keep up the good work.
    We drove from NL to Montenegro and we did ride this route Kotor Lovcen after reading youre post.
    Thanks from the Netherlands it was great!

    • Liwia

      Hi Moos, great to hear that, thank you for nice words! We hope you enjoyed Montenegro ride also as much! Best regards!

  3. Paul Splane
    | Reply

    My wife and I will be visiting Montenegro next year in a quest for locations to move to from here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Your stories and pics have excited us so much. Thank you for your reports.

    • Joki

      Hi Paul, Thanks :) You will love Montenegro. It’s very beautiful.

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