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We’ve made this! :)

He said he would take me to the end of the world and he kept his word, trickster. I remember us one and half years ago packing our belongings in his family house in the countryside, close to Jelenia Góra in Poland. The whole bed was covered with little piles of clothes, which we were sorting, hoping to reduce. We were about to ship our motorbike along with all the necessary baggage to New York where our long-waited adventure would start. Back then I did not believe that we would really drift so far away. Through both western continents, 13 countries, and 66 thousand kilometres until the very end of Argentina in South America. Now, Antarctica has never been closer.


Tęcza nad jeziorem nad parą zakochanych
Somewhere at the end of the world, below the rainbow


In this post, I won’t be writing about everything that happened during this journey. It won’t be about the places and scenery that moved us to tears, the routes that gave me a thrill, the animals, plants and wonders of nature, previously seen only in National Geographic. Not about the people, with whom our paths have crossed, and who so many times opened their homes to us. I won’t be writing here about all the encountered travelers, fellow motorcycle riders, brave cyclists, cheerful families and couples riding across the world in their motor-homes, backpackers in torn jeans, artists and wanderers, vagabonding for years. Or even about the fascinating stories circulating around the bonfire that so strongly unite us all sitting around. After all, there is something that bonds us the people. We all travel, from somewhere, to somewhere, for something. And the deep seeded awareness warms up on the inside, making us feel blessed to experience something so uniquely beautiful and special. There will be a time to share all the stories…


A fisherman's hut
At night we take shelter from the rain in a fisherman’s hut
Old forest
We are surrounded by age-old, mossy trees
Motorbike Camping in a Forest
The morning sun on the glade dries our modest belongings

Lifewelove Trasa



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4 Responses

  1. Johnston
    | Reply

    Cheers to the both of you! Certainly an incredible journey and I am so honored to have listened to your stories personally.

    • Liwia

      It was a pleasure to share part of this great adventure with you Johnston. Please stay in touch :)

  2. Nicki
    | Reply

    Beautifully written! Thanks for sharing this very personal conversation :)

    • Liwia

      Thank you Nicki! :) I can see the latest post on your blog is from Bolivia. Have you done the Death Road already?

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