Jugowska Pass

The Jugowska Pass is another road, next to the Woliborska Pass, which leads through the Owl Mountains. It is the highest pass of this massif, reaching 805 m a.s.l. On the road between the towns of Jugów and Pieszyce, there are some interesting bends and driveways in woodland. You can also enjoy nice views of the Owl Mountains. Although the trail is not long, and asphalt in several spots needs to be repaired, the track is quite pleasant.

It is not the best idea to ride there by motorbike at the beginning of the season. It happened to us and we had to drive slowly on every corner because of sand settled there after winter. At the beginning of April the Swidnicki Rally takes place on the Jugowska Pass, hence the layer of sand and gravel even grows.


Info about the route:

Distance 19 km
Start / finish Jugów – Pieszyce
Surface In some fragments asphalt is poor quality
Hazards In autumn the road might be covered by wet leaves. In the early spring sand and gravel may be covering the road
Attractions on the way Polana Jugowska (Jugowska Glade)
Max altitude 805 m a.s.l.


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The Owl Mountains routes

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The Owl Mountains routes: 50.650055, 16.527325
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Woliborska Pass
Wolibórz, Polska
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The Jugowska Pass
Jugów, Polska
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The Walim Pass
Przełęcz Walimska, Gmina Walim, Poland


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