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Intriguing hyperboloid on the top of Ještěd

Whenever we climb somewhere on the Sudeten mountain ridges and look at the Jizera Mountains, a mysterious spike on the Czech side always attracts our attention. This intriguing building is a 94-meter hotel and television transmitter, which was built in 1973 on top of the Ještěd Mountain.  
Jested - widok ze Śnieżki
Jested – view from the Sniezka Mountain. Fotograph by Jerzy Klich

Ještěd for hikers, cyclists and motorists

To get to the pick (1012 m a.s.l.) you can go on foot, take a ride by a cable car or use your own transport. A scenic and smooth road leads all the way up to the hotel and a paid parking for cars and motorcycles next to it. You can also leave your vehicle at a larger car park located below. Sometimes it is even necessary. Just like it happened to us, when we arrived at the day of concert organized at the hotel’s square. The last section of the road was closed. However, the walk from the lower parking on the spiral path is also a nice idea. It gives you more time to enjoy the panorama.

Hotel Ještěd – building of the XXth century

Hotel seen from all over the Liberec catches the eye with its remarkable architecture and attracts like a magnet. Designed by K. Hubacek, the building not only got to the hearts of Bohemians, but it also found a recognition around the world and won the prestigious Perret’s award, kind of an architectural Oscar. It is one of many awards given to Ještěd hyperboloid, which for Liberec and the whole region has become a unique symbol and centerpiece.

Jested - Liberec
The shape of the object technically called a “rotational hyperboloid” was chosen on purpose, because of the extreme climatic conditions that sometimes appear there.

View of the four sides of the world

From the top you can see a beautiful panorama of the Liberec and the surrounding Eagle, Giant, Jizera and Lusatian Mountains. If you are lucky with the weather and clear sky, you can even notice Prague.

Martian comer

At the top you will meet a “Little Martian”, who sits and cries because he got lost.

Mały Marsjanin
Sculpture by Czech artist Jaroslav Rona.

Ještěd curiosities

  • Shortly after finishing the construction, the building was nearly destroyed by a strong wind. The designers had to install an extra weight for vibration damping, weighing 600 kg.
  • At night the building is illuminated thanks to funds gathered by Liberec citizens, schools, local businesses and other boroughs. They totally collected 750 000 CZK.
  • In the last century, there were some unusual competitions of “stówkarze” (“hundred-ish”) organized on Ještěd. They were about making the biggest number of climbs to the summit. The record belongs to the two ladies: Frieda Mandelik and Lilly Flasak, who gained the top in total 5 130 and 4 881 times respectively. Lilly also broke record of the year by reaching the top 652 times. Apparently, the Alpine Society of Jested and the Jizera Mountains (Towarzystwo Górskie Ještĕdu i Gór Izerskich) renew this contest and it lasts to this day.

How to get to Ještĕd

When traveling from Wroclaw, direct to Jelenia Gora. Then go toward Szklarska Poręba and further to the Czech-Polish border in Jakuszyce. In the Czech Republic take road no. 10 and then no. 14, directing to Liberec. When driving the nice, scenic, Czech roads, you will suddenly notice emerging Ještěd. In Liberec just follow the signs that lead straight to this characteristic pick through Tetřeví sedlo pass (770 m a.s.l.).

On the way, in the town Jablonec nad Nisou, there is an outdoor swimming pool, which can bring you quite a lot of joy and a nice refreshment during hot day. You can also enjoy the beach with volleyball and basketball courts or rent some water sports equipment.

Kąpielisko w drodze na Jested
The water reservoir in Jablonec nad Nisou is the largest urban area of ​​water in Central Europe.


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The road to the Ještěd

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The Ještěd: 50.732500, 14.985278
Outdoor swimming pool in Jablonec nad Nisou: 50.737759, 15.173492
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The Ještěd
Ještěd, Liberec, Česká republika
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Outdoor swimming pool in Jablonec nad Nisou
Jablonec nad Nisou, Česká republika
Jested - zdjęcie zrobione ze Śnieżki
View from Sniezka Mountain to Ještěd. Photo by Jerzy Klich




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