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Jugowska Pass
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The Jugowska Pass is another road, next to the Woliborska Pass, which leads through the Owl Mountains. It is the highest pass of this massif, reaching 805 m a.s.l. On the road between the towns... Czytaj więcej »

Hundred Curves Road
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Hundred Curves Road is not only one of the best motorcycle or bike routes in Poland, but also one of the most interesting touristic places in this country. When negotiating dozens of bends (or perhaps... Czytaj więcej »

The Walim Pass
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Similarly to the Woliborska and Jugowska Pass, the Walim Pass is scenic and enjoyable to ride through. That is why some bikers at weekends so eagerly move towards the Owl Mountains Landscape Park (Polish: Park Krajobrazowy Gór Sowich). The... Czytaj więcej »

Woliborska Pass
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Woliborska Pass is a short, 10 kilometer long road from Jodlownik to Woliborz. I recommend it to everyone who will be heading from the north to Klodzko Land. I personally enjoy it like the Walimska... Czytaj więcej »

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