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On the road full of secret treasures of the Giant Mountains

Let’s move to the south-western Poland, where Polish, German and Czech hikers eagerly come to enjoy the charming land of the Giant Mountains (Karkonosze). The local, hilly roads are appreciated by cyclists and bikers, those who enjoy steady ride through scenic trails and quite villages. Just like the route from Michałowice to Jagniątków with a little traffic, long switchabacks and impeccable, recently laid asphalt. While all the values easily explain motorcyclists’ fondness for this region, not everyone is aware of the mysterious stories surrounding these places…

Złoty Widok


I like Michałowice, a town located at the foothills of the Giant Mountains, since it is a place of total peace. Even in the summer season one cannot meet a crowd of tourists there. There are no stalls with oscypek cheese (a smoked cheese made of salted sheep milk), highlander slippers and other unnecessary trivia.There is silence instead, surrounding mountains, forests and hidden mysteries of nearby areas. Also, many picturesque mountain trails begin in Michałowice. While crossing a forest on the winding road through Michałowice, it is worth to stop by for a while and take advantages of the beauty of surrounding nature recesses.


Stone bed
Relaxing on the stone bed


The Weathering Pits, Golden View and a mysterious cave


Kociołki - Michałowice


Noteworthy is a view point situated at 610 m a. s. l. It takes about 30 minutes to reach it. There is no parking area in the vicinity, so leaving a motorcycle can be problematic. We just entered the forest a little bit, by riding along the stony Złoty Widok Street. You can also leave your motorcycle downhill, by the bus stop. There is a little path through the forest that leads to the spot called Złoty Widok, the Golden View in English.  It provides a golden view indeed, especially when the Giant Mountains and peaks of Szrenica, Łabski Szczyt and Wielki Szyszak are all bathed in the sun.


Kociołki - Michałowice


On the way to the view point you can find Kociołki (English: the Weathering Pits), that is a group of granite rocks with round grooves in the shapes of pots. The largest pot, called Kocioł Czarownic (English: the Witches’ Pot), has a diameter of 1,5 m and is quite impressive. Take a look the photo below.


Kocioł Czarownic - Michałowice


There is a mysterious, little cave near by. It is not difficult to happen upon it, but at the Złoty Widok you will find a road sign directing straight to it. A cave is 10 m long and has a height of 1,5 m. A stone-built wall at its entrance is quite intriguing. There are many places like this, shrouded in mystery in the Karkonosze Mountains region. Perhaps, to find out something more about this cave, you would have to talk with older inhabitants of Michałowice. There is no sufficient information on it in the Internet. Moreover, it seems that this cave is not marked on the maps, nor mentioned in any guide books of this region.


A land of good humour

Not only peace and beautiful landscape of the region positively influence spirits. For more than 20 years in Michałowice has existed Teatr Nasz (English: the Theatre Our) which specialises in laughter therapy. Laughter not only amuses, but also positively influences our health, even extending our lives. The founders and actors of the theatre, Jadwiga and Tadeusz Kutowie, excellently know about it. Instead of medicines they apply their patients spectators performances and cabarets. There are also a restaurant and an accommodation available.

For further details see an official website of the theatre.


Carved into the granite rock tunnel
Carved into the granite rock tunnel is an interesting attraction on the road. However you should be careful, because the tunnel section of the road is usually wet.


Further across Jagniątków

Just behind a road sign annunciating the end of the locality also a smooth asphalt finishes. We continue the road on a slightly damaged surface and reach Jagniątków, an equally picturesque mountain locality where one can discover a few noteworthy places.

Bismarckhöhe – Grzybowiec

The Grzybowiec Mountain is situated not far from Michałowice. Nowadays, there is a resort centre situated at 720 m above the sea level, from where you can admire a panoramic view of the Karkonosze Mountains with the highest peaks of Śnieżka and Szrenica. A road leading to the pension has asphalt perforated with holes like a Swiss cheese, but shakes are compensated with a view and smell of surrounding forest.

Bismarckhohe - Grzybowiec
Door closed, this time we will not visit the Museum of Otto von Bismarck.
Entrance is guarded by sinister dogs :)
Grzybowiec in Jagniątkow
No jokes, hairy guards broke through the gate, we gotta go!


More than 100 years ago, there was a holiday residence of German chancellor Otto von Bismarck on Grzybowiec. During the Second World War the Luftwaffe Air Force Command stationed there.


Pensjonat Bismarckhöhe
Bismarckhöhe Pension in old photography (via


Hidden treasures of the Third Reich

Z relacji poszukiwaczy wynika, że to właśnie tu, w pobliżu Grzybowca, ukryta jest brama prowadząca do podziemnych tuneli, w których znajdują się skarby zrabowane przez Niemców podczas II Wojny Światowej. Mówi się nawet o Złotym Pociągu, w którym miała być przewożona Bursztynowa Komnata (depozyty Centralnego Banku Rzeczy) i Skarb Wrocławia. O pobliskiej Górze Sobiesz i Piechowicach krążą fascynujące opowieści o zinfiltrowanych strażnikach skarbu, którzy z pokolenia na pokolenie strzegą tajemnicy jego położenia. Ten temat jest ciągle żywy i wciągający. Co jakiś czas na zboczach Góry Sobiesz pojawiają się poszukiwacze, którzy w swoim wyposażeniu mają więcej niż łopatę i wykrywacz metalu. Do akcji wkraczają koparki, nowoczesny sprzęt badawczy i maszyny do robienia odwiertów, teren zostaje ogrodzony i pilnowany przez ochronę.


From searchers reports it is evident that it is just there, close to Grzybowiec, where a gate leading to the underground tunnels is hidden. It is said that inside the tunnels treasures robbed by the German during the Second World War are located. You can even hear stories of the Golden Train transporting the Amber Chamber (Polish: Bursztynowa Komnata), deposits of the Central Bank and Tresure of Wrocław (Polish: Skarb Wrocławia). Some fascinating stories circulate about the neighbouring Sobiesz Mountain (Polish: Góra Sobiesz) and Piechowice, concerning infiltrated treasure guards who, from generation to generation, guard the secret of the treasure location. This subject is still alive and absorbing. From time to time, on the slopes of the Sobisz Mountain new seekers appear, equipped much better than just with shovel and a metal detector. Excavators, modern research equipment and drilling machines move in, the area is fenced and guarded by the security service.

Sobiesz Mountain - Piechowice
The Sobiesz Mountain, said to be hiding an underground complex, where in 1944 the Golden Train with 12 carriages was supposed to be located. Its waggons were to be loaded with valuables rubbed by the Nazis from the Polish and Russian territories.


Gerhart Hauptmann’s House

Dom Gerharta Hauptmanna

Jagniątków can boast of an exceptional house in which once lived a prominent writer and Noble Award laureate, Gerhart Hauptmann. This building was for him something more than just an accommodation. He made it a kind of a spirit temple which reflects his soul and creative personality. This building, more reminiscent of a little palace than a house, is now the Art Museum of Gerhart Hauptmann and local artists.

The map of the route

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The route Michałowice - Jagniątków

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| km
The Golden View: 50.838167, 15.575244
Weathering Pits: 50.834909, 15.577948
Bismarckhöhe: 50.824314, 15.604062
Sobiesz Mountain: 50.836457, 15.617666
Gerhart Hauptmann’s House: 50.816882, 15.607832
The route from Piechowic to Michałowice and Jagniątków: 50.847433, 15.579085
marker icon
The Golden View
Piechowice, Poland
marker icon
Weathering Pits
Piechowice, Poland
marker icon
Piechowice, Poland
marker icon
Sobiesz Mountain
Piechowice, Poland
marker icon
Gerhart Hauptmann’s House
Dom Gerharta Hauptmanna. Muzeum Miejskie, Michałowicka, Jelenia Góra, Poland
marker icon
The route from Piechowic to Michałowice and Jagniątków
Piechowice, Poland


Info about the route:

Lenght 12 km
Start / finish Piechowice – Jagniątków
Surface In Michałowice smooth asphalt in very good condition
Hazards Wet surface under granite rock tunnel
Attractions on the way The Golden View, Weathering Pits, a cave, Teatr Nasz, Bismarckhöhe, Gerhart Hauptmann’s House
Max altitude 680 m a.s.l.



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