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Motorcycling around the Giant Mountains: Polish-Czech Fun

Szklarska Poreba, Karpacz and surroundings are very popular among enthusiasts of two-wheelers. It’s not a surprise, since it’s a great region for touristic, scenic rides at the feet of the Jizera Mountains, the Giant Mountains (Polish: Karkonosze) and the Rudawy Janowickie; all of those very close to the Czech border. This means that the weekend in these sides can be diversified with a nice excursion to the Polish neighbor where you can try traditional dumplings after riding a beautiful pass Okraj with more or less known Polish-Czech attractions along the way.  We share a proposal for the route, which has done a great job, when we were visited by friends from other sites of Poland.


Motorbike tour
Panorama of the Jizera Mountains and the Giant Mountains seen from the Piast meadow below Szklarska Poreba


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Motorcycling around the Giant Mountains

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| km
Chojnik castle: 50.834084, 15.644063
Karpacz - Disturbed Gravity Spot: 50.771031, 15.732052
Vang stave church: 50.777656, 15.723994
Spindleruv Mlyn: 50.726150, 15.609449
Riding through Michałowice and Jagniątków: 50.847433, 15.579085
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Chojnik castle
Zamek Chojnik, Jelenia Góra, Polska
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Karpacz - Disturbed Gravity Spot
Strażacka, Karpacz, Polska
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Vang stave church
/"Wang/" Parafia Ewangelicko-Augsburska Muzeum, Na Śnieżkę, Karpacz, Polska
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Spindleruv Mlyn
Szpindlerowy Młyn, Czechy
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Riding through Michałowice and Jagniątków
Piechowice, Poland


Info about the route:

The length of the route 183 km
Start / finish Piechowice near Szklarska Poraba
Surface Good quality asphalt


We present the map above and without beating around the bush share brief information about attractions along the way below:

1. From Piechowice to Michałowice we ride on a nice route, which already is described on the blog; Riding through Michałowice and Jagniątków: The Secrets and Treasures of the Giant Mountains. We ride a forest path under a rock tunnel and head down the Karkonoska street toward Podgórzyn.


Golden View - Michalowice
The “Golden View” spot in Michałowice


2. On the right of the horizon we can see the Chojnik castle. For those who like moody, old buildings and interesting legends, the Chojnik in Sobieszow is definitely a place worth a separate trip. It will include a walk to the summit so you will have to leave a motorcycle behind for a couple of hours.


Chojnik on the motorcycle route
The Chojnik Castle and Śnieżka Mountain in the mist – view from Piastów


4. Between Podgórzyn and Sosnówka there is a beautiful pool on the right side. The dream of the inhabitants of the area is that there will be an official bathing established someday. In the meantime there is a reservoir of drinking water and the pool can only be admired from afar.


5. From Sosnówka through Bierutowice we travel the beautiful forest road to Upper Karpacz and there already awaits us the first attraction on a European scale – the extraordinary picturesquely located evangelical church Wang, made all of pine wood. This precious monument of Nordic art landed in the Giant Mountains exported from faraway Norway, from the city called Vang, and by Vang the lake. There is also a tiny cemetery on which the great Polish personalities like Henryk Tomaszewki (the director) and Tadeusz Różewicz (the writer) had rested.

Wang Church in Karpacz
The famous church Wang brought from Norway is one of main monuments in Karpacz, Poland

From Wang, it is near to the ski lift of the Kopa Mountain (on the way to Śnieżka) up the Strażacka street, where along the way we pass a curiosity – “The Disturbed Gravity Spot”, as some define. This is a spot where we can see a car or a bottle going uphill. Some explain it with the magnetic field of the earth, others speak of optical illusion – anyway you can examine the phenomenon yourself. Riding this road, in the moment we pass the ski jump Orlinek on the right side. There are multiple of attractions in Karpacz, yet we have only just began and the trip continues towards Kowary.


Disturbed Gravity Spot in Karpacz
Disturbed Gravity Spot in Karpacz; the place where the bottle rolls uphill


6. The Okraj Pass crosses the border with the Czech Republic. We ride a winding, forest road up to the height of approximately 1,000 m.a.s.l. where the view fills with mountains and picturesque spots.

7. Spindleruv Mlyn – we ride to this little town into almost the heart of the Giant Mountains National Park. It is a popular Czech resort. Along the way you can stop for a short walk on the Elbe dam. Our goal was to get to a bobsleigh track where carts going downhill reach a speed of up to 65 km per hour. We wanted to have a comparison with the one in Karpacz; it gives a similar, positive impression. Here you have a pricing of the Chech gutter slope. In the town, there is a large variety of eateries where you can finally enjoy your desired dinner.


Czech Republic on a motorcycle
Dam on the Elbe
Gutter slope in the Czech Republic
Gutter slope in the Czech resort of Spindleruv Mlyn


9. Harrachov – we do not cross the center, we ride through the bank of Harrachov, but if someone enjoys the ski jumps, then there is the whole complex.

10. After re-crossing the Polish-Czech border we ride to Jakuszyce on route which is known for its impeccable asphalt and long corners.

11. Szklarska Poreba – the town famous and attractive – like Karpacz – located on the Polish side of the Sudetenland. Here you can also find something to visit, sightsee or walk over. The area is most known for its two beautiful waterfalls; Szklarka and Kamieńczyk, which is the highest in the Sudetenland. Attractions of Szklarska Poreba are obviously located within the town. We were eager to have a long awaited bonfire in the Joki’s family meadow. From there we admire the whole panorama of the western Sudeten and finally rest after all day trip.


Bikers meeting
Morning with a panoramic view of the Giant Mountains – this is it!



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